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Thank you for considering renting with Circle Capital Property Management. We accept all types of residents including people with pets, good and not so good credit history, students and seniors, along with all other types. If you fall into any of those categories or have any questions about the lease terms or pricing this section is for you.


If your credit and income are solid it’s a pretty easy rental process. We can usually have you approved within 24 business hours based on your references checking out relatively quickly.


If your credit or income is not so solid we have several options including higher apartment deposits or cosigners/ guarantors. If you application is complete it helps us streamline the approval process.



Rental Application Fee $50


2 Most Recent Check Stubs


Color Copy of Your Photo ID


Most Recent Bank Statement

Circle Capital looks for good credit and approximately 2.5 times the monthly rental amount in “gross” income. We have determined this is a good rule of thumb in seeing if people can afford the apartment or not. To calculate this number, take the monthly rental amount found on the Current Listings tab and times it by 2.5. That will give you a rough number of what we require, your “Gross” monthly income to for qualifying purposes.


Lastly, we have multiple options for our lease terms, all of our leases are a standard one year lease, if you would like a shorter term lease, we have two lease options available, the first lease option is a six month lease term with an additional $100 above the advertised rental rate, if you would like a month-to-month lease agreement option, it is an additional $150 above the advertised rental rate.


Here's some renters we steer clear of:

People with apartment collections

• People with eviction records

To Move in, what monies are required?

(Some of these fees may or may not apply):

Credit Check Fee $50 per applicant (applies to all new move in’s)

Deposit is one (1) month’s rent up to two (2) pending credit worthiness

First Month’s Rent (applies to all new move in’s)

•Pet Deposit is $300 to $500 depending on pet weight. 

Monthly Pet Rent $50

Monthly Refrigerator Rental $35 (we offer rental refrigerators if you would like) they are smaller than typical refrigerators and fit nicely in the apartments.



Please see the attached move out charges PDF.

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